Part 1

Gathering information
Fill in the contact form – the more information, the better – let me know what you & your brand are all about

Part 2

Fine print
I will send your quote or proposal with my pricing and package options

Accept quote or proposal

Send contact for signature (can’t start without it)

Part 3

Design, drafts & deposit
I start working on the first draft of explorations

After the first draft has been sent – a 40% deposit of the total amount agreed upon is due
(design process cannot move forward without the deposit being received)

Drafting process continues; we discuss what you like/dislike until we get to your personalized design.
(5 draft maximum)

Final approval from you
(draft 5)

Part 4

Final invoice is sent after designs are approved

Part 5

File delivery
Completed artwork is handed over to you, once final payment has been made