Do you have a great idea or brand, but don’t know how to present it to the world? Are you tired of your current brand and want to revamp it into something modern & exciting? Are you interested in becoming a paid influencer, but have no visuals? Are you interested in new marketing material for your brand?

If any of these questions have been on your mind, then you’ve come to the right person.

I give creators & entrepreneurs a visual representation of their ideal design, which allows them to show the world their personal brand.

Since I have an extreme attention to detail, I will make sure that your design elements look nothing but the best.

I only deliver results I’d be happy with for my own business.

With 6+ years under my belt, my great attention to detail, and vast skills as a graphic designer, I’ll create something amazing and unique to you and your brand. I am great at capturing the visions of personal brands/companies, and creating designs that will reflect you and your target market.

Your design will be clean, minimal but impactful and modern, while being tailored to you and your personality.

Working with me, means getting “one-on-one” communication, rather than speaking to a team where things may get lost in translation.

I was always one of the artsy kids; elementary school – creating doodles out of people’s names, for fun, high school – drawing anywhere I could, including the walls of the school !
(They allowed it, I promise)..

Pursuing fashion design was also something I was interested in, but I quickly realized that I’m not the biggest fan of sewing (after an art project, nonetheless).. BUT I’ve still found a way to showcase my love for fashion, through my online thrifting brand; qurrb clothing.

I graduated from the Graphic Design Program at Dawson College (Montreal), in 2011. Since then, I’ve been able to use my skills in the corporate world; financial sector & retail marketing.

Working with you, one-on-one, is something I enjoy, because it creates a strong base of communication, which is one of the fundamental parts of getting your design done right.

As a part-time teacher at Lasalle College, I understand that Design & Marketing can get a little overwhelming – trust me! But, I’m here to help you simplify.


“Danielle is by far the best graphic designer I’ve worked with. She’s exceptionally creative, timely, and adapts to her clients with ease. Her work is fun and always eye catching. And she offers services at multiple price points … She lit.”

Kyle Bernard of Drift Away Travel Blog

Working with Danielle was amazing. As a client I know how hard it can be to narrow down what we want, especially over email and other electronic media. Danielle was patient and definitely went above and beyond our standard agreement to make sure I was a happy customer. I was more than happy with the final result and she definitely comes extremely highly recommended!

John E. of Anna’s Pastries